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14 horsepower, petrol engine, comes with disc plough and mud resistant metal wheels.

Posted Nov 23, 2022  to Farm Machinery & Equipment

Tunauza Samaki wabichi aina ya sato na sangara tunapatikana shinyanga mjini .. kwamawasiliano piga simu no. 0767016984 au 0622245901 ...

Posted Nov 16, 2022  to Livestock, Poultry & Fish
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Pure coconut oil (Cold Press )

Posted Nov 07, 2022  to Other

Selling fresh Tilapia fish at affordable price

Posted Oct 31, 2022  to Livestock, Poultry & Fish
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A beekeeper supplying honey in retail and wholesale. I sell beeswax, propolis and other bees product. You are all welcome.

Posted Oct 20, 2022  to Meals & Drinks
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1 do sell honey in retails and wholesale. Get it direct from a beekeeper

Posted Oct 20, 2022  to Meals & Drinks
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I am a prucer and supplier of good & quality honey of all the types(stinging & stingless honeybee). I sell in retails and wholesales. You are all w...

Posted Oct 20, 2022  to Meals & Drinks
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We are the producers & supplier of good and qulity honey of all the types(stinging & stngless honey bee). We do sell in retail & wholesale. You ar...

Posted Oct 20, 2022  to Meals & Drinks
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Shining Coffee / Rwanda A nice coffee from thousand hill country with nice flavor, chocolate in it and we'll sorted, we produce more than 650 ton...

Posted Oct 15, 2022  to Farm Produce

UNGA WA LISHE -Viazi lishe, mtama mwekundu, ngano, mahindi lishe, karanga, mbegu za maboga, soya, ulezi na mchele 1KG 5000 ½KG 2500 -Mtama, mah...

Posted Sep 29, 2022  to Supplements & Seeds

Litre 5-20000 Litre 20-80000

Posted Sep 29, 2022  to Other

Mayai original ya kuku wa kienyeji

Posted Sep 24, 2022  to Farm Produce
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Jipatie ASALI MBICHI halisi kutoka Dodoma kwa bei nafuu

Posted Sep 05, 2022  to Farm Produce
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Affordable Rice with high quality.. We do delivery but not free

Posted Sep 03, 2022  to Meals & Drinks
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