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Our History


DADORG was born in 2017 when two Congolese students met in Denmark during their studies. With increasing stability in the African continent after decades of turmoil, they both felt it was the right time for an African renaissance. Despite Africa being one of the most resource rich areas in the world, the population has not greatly benefitted. This contradiction led to the concept behind DADORG, ‘Africa for the benefit of the African people’.

We believe in the African Union Vision 2063 Article 19, where aspirations for a united Africa through integrated infrastructure and seamless borders are highlighted. DADORG seeks to be part of this vision by uniting Africa through digital infrastructure. DADORG wants to help build a new future, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the past, empowering Africa’s sons and daughters by securing opportunities for current and future generations.


What do we do


DADORG creates value for the African diaspora by providing a digital platform to connect sellers and buyers, no matter where they are or who they are. The aim is to make buying and selling easy, secure and efficient.

By connecting more Africans together, we can facilitate trade and provide opportunities for young Africans with an entrepreneurial heart. To remain true to our mission ‘Africa for Africans’ DADORG registers in African countries, having a physical presence through agents on the ground and working with African banks.

So, whether you want to sell your handbags, supply steel, electronics, jewellery or rent an apartment when travelling, DADORG is the place where you can meet all your needs


Our Mission


We exist to facilitate trade in Sub-Saharan Africa, so businesses and individuals can fulfil their potential and their needs easily, making trade easier.


Our Vision


We want to be Sub-Saharan Africa’s number one choice for trading and sourcing platforms. We do this by stimulating investments in Africa, by and for Africans



OUR TAGLINE Bringing home closer.


OUR MOTTO Growing Together in Trust.




  • Trust and Integrity - We deliver what we promise.
  • Sustainable growth – We are here to support businesses for the long term.
  • Empathy - We understand the importance of our clients' requirements and seek to fulfil them.
  • Simplicity - We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.
  • Transparency – We will always keep you ‘in the know’, keeping you aware every step of the way.
  • Hard work –We are dedicated and focused in fulfilling our clients’ needs.
  • Innovation – We are proactive in finding new, meaningful ways to make DADORG relevant for our clients.






Elijah Ruboneka
Sakib Hameed
Matabishi Safari



Enabyayi Nyarukemba
Marketing & Sales Assistant
Ishimwe Flavien
Rwanda (Representative)
Lwatchi Augustin
DR Congo (Representative)
Inga Kozlova
Global Client Operations

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