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Two bedroom flat, fully furnished and fully serviced. Its located along United Nations road in upanga Dar es Salaam. Gym, swimming pool and ample p...

Posted Aug 29, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

2400 square meters of ground floor space, with a store front for retail purposes. It is located along the busy Mwanza to Musoma road. There is a fo...

Posted Aug 29, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

Are you looking for an affordable yet comfortable place to stay while in Mwanza. Look no further. At Capripoint you will get the best deal. Located...

Posted Aug 27, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

Five bedroom house in the quiet neighbourhood of Isamilo is available for rent. It has a beautiful garden, lawn and razor wire fence for extra secu...

Posted Aug 27, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

Elegantly constructed five bed-roomed mansion is on sale. It has a spacious living room, kitchen, storage area. All rooms are master en suite. The...

Posted Aug 20, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

Two bedroomed apartments available for Rent in Mwanza Tanzania. They are located in Mwananchi area.

Posted Aug 14, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

Three storey apartment block consisting of four three bedroom flats is on sale in Mwananchi Area of Mwanza. Has swimming pool and beautiful garden...

Posted Aug 14, 2023  to Houses & Apartments

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